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About Our NGO

Sister’s Hand Liberia Inc. is an indigenous Liberian Not-For-Profit Non-Governmental Organization with focus on marginalized girls and women in the context of creating awareness on Domestic Violence, Rape, Teenage Pregnancy, Early Marriage, Child trafficking, Sexual Gender Based Violence, Human Rights and women participation in decision making advocate, Women Land Rights Advocacy, FGM/C& SRHRs and Psycho-social Counseling.

The organization was established and Incorporated in February 2019 and accredited by the Government of Liberia. Sister’s Hand Liberia Inc. is the actualization of the vision and passion of a group of Liberians who share the same vision with Miatta Y. Gray, a tenacious, dedicated Liberian lady and a single mother of two beautiful daughters who refused to subdued and victimized by the brutality of war and the miseries of life in a distraught economic and social environment, but rather translated every challenge into an opportunity to developed for the better and transform her vision into reality

Drawing on personal experiences, knowledge and expertise gathered from domestic and international subject matter experts, Sister’s Hand takes pride in forging community inspired strategies to provide relevant social and financial training programs for marginalized girls and women

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Our Mission

To build the capacity of girls and women who are victims of sexual and gender based/domestic violence and all forms of human right discrimination to lead independent and productive lives through community awareness outreach initiatives.

Our Vision

To achieve educational, skilful and empowerment parity for marginalized and risk adverse girls and women and advocate for women land rights to enable them lead independent and productive lives and advocate against all form of discriminations and protect Rights of girls and women.

Popular Causes

We are a non-profital organization raising money for girl child education

Girl Child Education in Liberia

Advocate : Increase Awareness for Girls Education / Prioritize

Your donations will help support and send a girl child to school to gain meaniningful education

Advoccy for SRHRs

Support : Social Programs / Driving Policies for SRHRs

Thank you,we are almost there ,Safe Abortions is a Human Right for all

Stop FGM Save the Girl Child

Adocate : / To end FGM/C in Liberia

Her sexuality and health is prominent to her living. Lets campaign to stop the practice

Our Interventions in Numbers

We can talk for a long time about advantages of our advocacyprograms and community outreach initiatives. Sister's Hand Liberia has beeninstrumental in the advocacy that leds to 4 closureof FGM bushes in Grand Cape Mount County, Liberia. But you can read the following facts in order to make sure of all pluses of our interventions:









Meet our Team

Sister's Hand Liberia Super Powers' is highly rooted in the passion and will of her team, volunteers contributig to her vision.

Miatta Y. Gray

Executive Director (ED)

Alpha M. Kamara

Program Manager (PM)

Moore Musa Kiaddi

Project Officer (PO)

Charlestine K. Terquah

Finance Officer (FO)

Bertha J. Kanneh

Program Assisitant/Youth Coordinator

Our Blog

Take a look at our advocacy campaigns

By Admin | August 10 2020

Put a Stop to Rape

The rate at which rape is growing,has spark activivist and citizens to go out in their numbers on the streets to seek redress from governement to passthe rape law at the ligislature.

By Admin | November 16 2021

16 Days Activism Week

Celebrating 16 days of active activism against all form of violence against women and girls, come with Sister's Hand LIberia , engaging grass-root advocacy in David Cooper Town, Margibi County.

By Admin | August 10 2018

ZOA Project Launch

Women empowerment in political leadership,decision making and peacebuilding project was successfully launched in Bambala Disrict,Grand Cape Mount County.The program attratced many local stakeholders and government agencies wit traditional leaders and the women focus groups embracing the initiative.A project funded by ZOA Liberia, to engage women to be inclusive in the political dispensation in decision making in their communities.

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